Tree Token ($TREE) is an ecosystem at the forefront of Web3 gaming with a commitment to protecting our Earth through charity partnerships.


Tree Token launched in May 2022. Our objective is to bring sustainable wealth to our holders through an innovative Web3 game ecosystem, unique utilities, and promoting positive environmental impact and climate change awareness. Our Earth is rich and provides for all, so it is our duty to preserve and protect the environment. Having a core underlying message enhances our project’s marketability to ultimately grow a community of millions to enact change. This is just the beginning, so do not miss out!

We’ve partnered with environmental charities OneTreePlanted, , and International Tree Foundation to carry out our mission. 2% of the trading volume is donated proportionally to our charity partners on the 1st of each month. We’ll add further charity partners as our project scales and gains more traction. These donations lead to more trees being planted, resulting in less habitat destruction, erosion from stormwater runoff, pollution, flooding, increased oxygen levels, and more.

TreeVille is our Play-To-Earn PvP game loosely based off of the original FarmVille series. TreeVille players (Tree Token holders) will have the opportunity to earn BSC in our P2E ecosystem, or stake tokens in friendly PvP competitions against friends, family, and even other players.

TreeVille Battle is our PvP game mode in TreeVille that enables players to compete and earn by staking $TREE tokens. The game mechanic is simple. Whichever player taps and grows their sapling the fastest will be crowned the winner.

TreeVille is in final development and will be deployed in a few weeks once development is finalized and we achieve 5,000 holders. TreeVille will be available on desktop and mobile with future plans of VR compatibility. We have a highly vetted team of 6 game developers with professional experience including Zynga, Unity, and Activision. Our game developers will be working closely with our in-house smart contract and Web3 developers to ensure a successful deployment.

The Saplings is our unique NFT collection of 3333 3D modeled saplings. This collection is a BEP-721 token and will be launched directly on Binance NFT concurrently with the deployment of TreeVille. Saplings will possess different rarities and powers in TreeVille enabling greater returns. For more details, please refer to our Game Mechanics . Preview sneak peeks of The Saplings collection below!

3% of all trading volume will be deposited into the Staking Wallet. Our team of 4 staking analysts have extensive Web3 industry experience at VCs including CoinIX Capital and Polychain Capital. All analysts have proven staking track records of over 5 years with an average APY of ~128%. Our analyst team utilizes a combination of risk analysis, proprietary scraping software, and cross-chain strategies to maximize returns. All realized proceeds are proportionally distributed to Tree Token holders at the time of disbursement.

3% of trading volume is directed into the Lottery Wallet. There will be a bi-monthly lottery held on the 1st and 14th of each month. We will be giving away tickets to national parks, museums, camping sites, get-away resorts, and cash prizes. Your chances of winning are based on your wallet holding of the percent of the Tree Token total supply. For example, if you own 5% of the Tree Token total supply you will have a 5% probability of winning the bi-monthly lottery.

Note: The maximum wallet holding is 10% of the total supply to promote a fair and equal lottery.

Token Name

Tree Token

Token Symbol


Market Cap

$420,000 USD

Tax Distribution

2% to Charity
3% to Staking Fund
3% to Lottery
6% to Marketing & Development

Tree Token is here for the long haul. This TreeMap outlines the key milestones we aim to achieve to make Tree Token the most successful cryptocurrency and ecosystem of all time.

  • Website & Social Media Launch
  • Game trailer release
  • Deployment of Smart Contract
  • Token Burn
  • Coinsult KYC & Audit
  • 15 Partnered Influencers
  • 10 Scheduled AMAs
  • Presale Launch!
  • Public Listing
  • CoinGecko and CoinMarketCap Listings
  • Massive Marketing Campaign
  • 30 Partnered Influencers
  • Certik Audit
  • 5,000 Holders
  • 5 DEX Exchange Listings
  • $100,000 USD Charity Donation
  • Founding Team Doxxing
  • Mainstream Marketing (Articles, Interviews, etc.)
  • Launch of TreeVille (P2E & PvP Game)
  • Launch of The Saplings NFT Collection
  • Initial CEX Listings (Hotbit, Coinmama, CoinTiger)
  • $1M USD Charity Donation
  • 10,000 Holders
  • 10 B-List Climate Change Activist Partnerships
  • 10 Partnered Climate Charities
  • Commence TreeVille Metaverse VR Development
  • In-House NFT Marketplace
  • Launch of TreeVille Metaverse VR
  • 50,000 Holders
  • 50 Partnered Climate Charities
  • 50 B-List Activist Partnerships
  • Major Exchange Listings (Coinbase, Binance, Kraken, etc.)
  • A-List Climate Activists (Greta Thunberg, Stella McCartney, etc.)
  • $10M Charity Donation
  • 500,000 Holders And More To Come…

Our team is committed to making our project a success and being fully transparent with our stakeholders. Tree Token is audited by Coinsult and comprised of 4 KYC’d co-founders (Coinsult & PinkSales KYC). Our current team has 22 members with expertise in game, website, and smart contract development, graphic design, marketing, moderation, and staking. Feel free to say “Hi!” on Telegram 😄.

Collette Co-Founder
Tanya Co-Founder
Felix Co-Founder
Ben Co-Founder

As detailed in our WhitePaper, Tree Token aims to be a pioneer in Web3 gaming by developing a P2E PvP game ecosystem incorporating virtual currency, NFTs, utility, and a positive message to protect our environment. Our long term goal is to scale our community and ecosystem to eventually have millions of players and supporters globally from both Web3 enthusiasts to avid gamers. Our team is super excited and prepared to make this dream a reality and will stop at nothing to ensure the longevity and success of our project.

You should buy Tree Token for 4 reasons:

  • 1) Long term value investment. Tree Token is here for the long-term and it is not just a cryptocurrency, but rather a pioneer in the Web3 Gaming industry. The release of TreeVille and The Saplings NFT will increase the value and utility of Tree Token and grow our overall utility, community, and holders.
  • 2) Passive income. Tree Token holders will earn passive income through the TreeVille P2E, lottery, and staking fund. You will automatically receive returns directly to your $TREE holding wallet with the opportunity to increase your earnings by actively playing TreeVille.
  • 3) Trust and Transparency. Our team is KYC verified with Coinsult and PinkSale. Moreover, we are committed to being fully transparent with our community by hosting daily AMAs, 24/7 support, sharing live and recorded lottery drawings, accepting all suggestions, and more!
  • 4) Positive Impact. We are committed to promoting positive impact, specifically environmental protection and awareness. As a result, we have partnered with several charities that will be supported through our Charity Wallet and will host future virtual/live events to engage and align our community with these values.

There is no minimum or maximum limit since the presale is a fair launch.

TreeVille is currently in final development and will deploy once we have achieved 5,000 holders and 5 DEX Exchange listings as outlined in our TreeMap. The reason for the delayed launch is due to finalizing development as well as ensuring our project has sufficient traction and momentum in the period preceding to maximize utility. The Saplings NFT collection will be launched directly following TreeVille and be fully interoperable with the game. If interested, here are the Game Mechanics.

Yes. The fair launch presale will be conducted on PinkSales on May 23rd @ 5PM UTC. The fair launch will have a soft cap of 50 BNB.

After the presale, Tree Token can be traded on PancakeSwap and PooCoin . However, our plan immediately after launch is to begin proceedings for further DEX listings and eventually CEX listings once we have scaled and achieved certain milestones.

There will be a total of 333,333,333 Tree Tokens.

~130M (39.02%) $TREE tokens will be burned.

The presale will be conducted on PinkSale.